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 With over 60 years of combined musical       experience between them, band members 

 Jes Sheldon (Vox), Mike Vincitore (Guitar), 

 P.J. Will (Guitar), Elliot Jarvis (Bass)   and Jack Jarvis (Drums) knit a musical blanket   of soul, funk, rock, jazzy blues and roots, they 

 come from all angles. As the 2016 Syracuse Area   Music Award winners for Best New Artist,

 The Lightkeepers are hitting their full stride. 


 Building on the momentum of their summer   2018 stand-out performances on 
"Soundcheck Live!" and the NY State Blues 
Festival main stage, The Lightkeepers have released their sophomore album, 
"Talking Man's Blues" and are expanding into   new musical territory with their live shows   being legendary for mind-blowing jams and   funky grooves. 

The Lightkeepers on "Soundcheck Live!" 
NY State Blues Festival - Main Stage

"The music and energy created on a nightly bases by these “keepers” have a bold sense of 60’s and 70’s female powerhouse vocals accompanied with smooth folk-rock rhythms." Jim Houle, NYS Music.

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Photo: Jim Houle Photography

"The five members of the Lightkeepers share years of combined music experience. Together, their collective  talents create an original rock experience... And while their repertoire is predominantly original, they also  offer their own readings on covered material... They create a unique sound derived of retro influences all  mixed together in some sort of new-fangled funky blender." Chuck Schiele, Table Hopping.  

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 Stage Plot 
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