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 Since 1996 Dark Hollow has sought to   carry on the Grateful Dead’s live   tradition and tap into the collective   band/crowd relationship that   transforms ordinary moments  into         magic.                                                                                                                                    

 Their ability to move seamlessly   between songs and musical styles   enables them to tell a musical story   that both honors the original song   versions and allows the band members   to create new interpretations.                                                                                       Anchored by founding members Mike   Vincitore (Lead Guitar) and Mike O’Hara   (Lead Vocals/Guitar), the band includes   Jeff Roney (Drums), Jack Jarvis (Drums),   Aaron Fried (Bass), Mark Nanni (Keys),   and Mike Hamilton (Rhythm Guitar).   Performances will often include guests   from the band’s large network of fellow   musicians. The band’s strong musical   chemistry and individual talents set the   backdrop for powerful vocal   performances, soaring guitar and   keyboard leads, backed by a powerful   and versatile rhythm section that sets   the groove.                                                                                                                            

 The band has performed on bills with   Moe., Melvin Seals and Terrapin Flyer,   Vince Welnick, New Riders of The   Purple Sage, Donna Jean Godchaux,   and many more. 

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